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We're proud of the way our local members are moving forward with writing. (Be sure to share your own successes at the next meeting!)

November 17, 2020
Wild Heart Books released Book 2, Georgia Ann, in the Charleston Brides series by Elva Cobb Martin. Find it on Amazon and other venues.

June, 2020, First Page Novel Contest Winners
  • 1st place: Winner requested we not post her name and title at this time due to the guidelines for another contest she has entered. - 30 points
  •  2nd place: Joni Vance - Repercussions – 28 points
  •  3rd place: Candy Arrington - The Appledore Legacy- 26 points
November 12, 2019
Wild Heart Books released Book 1, Marisol, in a new series, Charleston Brides, by Elva Cobb Martin. Click here to find it on Amazon  Check out Elva's site at for her other books or to sign up for her newsletter. 

May, 2017
Lighthouse Publishers of the Carolinas released two novels by Elva Cobb Martin, Summer of Deception and In a Pirate's Debt. Both novels have spent time on Amazon's 100 Best Sellers List for Women's Religious Fiction.

Edie Melson's 2 military books are now in Cracker Barrel! 

August, 2016Ellen Andersen had a story accepted for Yvonne Lehman's book Surprising Moments.

October, 2016  ACFW South Carolina's "First Five Pages Contest" Winners:
First Place: Kelsey Messner, Alfie Canton Showcase
Second Place: Jay Wright, Angry Rain; 
Third Place: Carol Henderson, Dancing in the Rain.  
Honorable Mention: Michael Massey, The War Woman of Georgia
Jay Wright (left): Second Place Winner for Angry Rain, Kelsey Messner (right): First Place Winner for Alfie Canton Showcase


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