Thursday, September 28, 2017

Loose Your Words & Let God's Creativity Reign

by Edie Melson @EdieMelson 

In the beginning God created… Genesis 1:1

My mother is an artist, and I’ve always admired the sure confidence she exudes as she applies color to her creations. The finished pieces don't come together because of the tools she uses or the circumstances surrounding the process. They are created by the vision she holds so firmly in her mind. 

In her mind’s eye, the picture is already finished before she even begins. But to me, watching the process, it so often looks more like chaos than art.

In our own lives, God is the artist. And even if what is happening right now looks like chaos, we can be certain that He has the end result clearly in mind. The colors He uses to paint our lives may not be the blues and greens an artist uses. Instead, the colors He uses are experiences, emotions, and people. They infuse our lives with a vibrancy that makes our lives so vivid.
And He's imparted that creativity to us. Never underestimate the power of words to illustrate the world around us. 

God is the Master Artist, wielding His soft brush with masterful strokes, allowing just enough shadow and darkness to bring out the brilliance of the light. From up close, the colors may look muddy and the shapes indistinct, but viewed from a distance, each life is a masterpiece. As writers, we are also part of God's palette and His plan. We use black and white to illustrate the brilliant colors of life. 

Never underestimate your part in the process. God has invited us to join Him. So loose your words and let God's creativity reign as He uses your pen to illustrate His creation.

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