Tuesday, June 30, 2020

ACFW-SC Chapter First Page Contest Winners

There is nothing as exciting as entering a contest and winning!

Last month we had fourteen inspiring authors from South Carolina polish the first page of their manuscript and submit it to our contest. We had the best time reading through each entry, and we have some wonderful rising authors on our heels.

Judging each entry was a Managing Editor for Heritage Beacon Fiction, Smitten Historical Romance, and Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas.

Each first page was scored according to the following criteria.
1 to 5 points each for qualities outlined in submission guidelines.
5 points = excellent (not perfect).
  • Hook (first sentence, first page overall)
  • Characterization (believability, empathy)
  • Setting (time period, location, description, mood)
  • Conflict (gripping, problems introduced)
  • Voice (style, including active, deep POV and showing over telling)
  • Neatness (typos, grammar, punctuation)

A comment from the judge.
“Because of the emphasis on the hook, the first page, and creating a powerful beginning in this contest, there were some examples of super strong writing that may not have won or placed. Some just need a little tweaking to start in the most compelling place.”

A drumroll please ...and the winners are: 
  • 1st place: Winner requested we not post her name and title at this time due to the guidelines for another contest she has entered. - 30 points
  •  2nd place: Joni Vance - Repercussions – 28 points
  •  3rd place: Candy Arrington - The Appledore Legacy- 26 points

Each of our three finalists were encouraged to submit their completed manuscript to Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas. How exciting is that?