Thursday, March 10, 2016

Why Blog—Define Your Audience

Today we’re continuing our Why Blog series. If you’ve missed the first post or the second one, take a moment and visit. Today we’re going to talk about defining your audience. This is vitally important to your blog’s viability.

A poorly targeted audience is a frequent reason for a blog’s lack of success.

The target of your blog may seem like an obvious thing, but I’m continually amazed at the number of writers who get off track here.

Common Misconception
I’m a writer, so my blog should target other writers.

Unless you’re teaching writers about craft your audience isn’t other writers.

The Fix
This goes back to the purpose of your blog. Many novelists use a blog to connect with their readers. If that is the purpose of yours then your audience is your reader—not other novelists.

So what does this look like in application?

For a suspense writer it would look like Brandilyn Collins site. She does a great job of connecting to her readers. She also has a site that targets other writers because she is a popular conference instructor and teaches others the craft.

Suppose you’re a freelance writer, then your site should showcase your work and connect you with the people you write for. My site, for instance, targets businesses who need someone to write web content. This provides me with the opportunity to teach writers the craft of writing for the Internet and proves my expertise to potential customers.

Now it’s your turn. What have you found that works to connect you with your audience? Have you seen some things (maybe tried some things) that haven’t worked? Let’s learn from each other.

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