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The Scoop on Advertising: Part 5 ~ Lots of Options!

By Misty M Beller @MistyMBeller

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As we talk through paid advertising that works, let's discuss some of the other miscellaneous advertising options that can be be very successful! 
Social Media Paid Ads: 
Facebook ads are the most popular, but most of the social media sites have this option. Twitter, Pinterest. Google+ (through Google AdWords that we’ve already discussed). Even Instagram announced this week that they’re opening advertising to a wider range of businesses (including authors).

Each website has a different way of doing it. Since Facebook is the most popular (and arguably the most successful), let’s look at this one.
The advertising model is similar to Pay-Per-Click, except you pay every time your ad is posted (Pay-Per-Impression). I’m not as crazy about that method, because you pay whether the viewer is interested or not. But since it’s becoming increasingly hard to get regular posts seen on Facebook, this is the only sure-fire way to achieve visibility on that platform.
One thing I like about the ad set-up is you can gear it specifically toward people that like to read fiction (or non-fiction). I plugged in the demographic for my target reader and it listed a potential reach of 180,000. Not too shabby if it reached them all. :)
I’ve just started a new campaign for my latest release, The Rancher Takes a Cook, so I’ll report back with the results! I’m running the campaign through July 15th, spending a max of $5 per day.
Facebook ad

Sidebar advertising: 
You see these all the time, on Amazon, on popular blogs and websites—they’re everyone online! Seek out websites where your target readers spend time online. Certainly Amazon would be on the expensive end of the spectrum, but affordable options are out there!money
Most sidebars are purchased for a month, although some sell for a week at a time. Most have opportunities for either horizontal or vertical ads. You supply the ad graphic. The ad should usually be different dimensions than a typical meme, and often (but doesn’t have to be) something your original cover designer would create. Some sights only want your book cover art. However you produce the sidebar ad, make sure it looks professional and stirs emotion in your target reader!

bookgrabbrThis is one I just learned about, and I’m currently running my first Bookgrabbr campaign.
It’s an interesting idea. The author or publisher uploads an epub copy of the book along with the book info. members can “grabb” your book for free through their site to read for free. When they download it, the site shares your book through that reader’s social media. You as the author or publisher can also share a message with the “grabbr” pointing them to another link if they like your book (perhaps the link of the next book in the series).
The cost is $25 per month, and so far my book has been downloaded by three readers, sending a social media message to their 924 Facebook followers. It looks like the potential for a good advertising tool!
There are so many other "miscellaneous" paid advertising tools out there, I'd like to hear from you!
What have you found to be successful? Anything you tried but achieved disappointing results? Let's share best practices!

Misty M. Beller writes Christian historical romance, and is author of the bestselling novels The Lady and the Mountain Man and The Lady and the Mountain Doctor.

Misty was raised on a farm in South Carolina, so her Southern roots run deep. About ten years ago, she made a career change from farm life into the business world, where she now works as a Senior Manager and Director of Process & Training. Her husband and two daughters are gifts from God, keeping her both grounded and crazy.

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