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All meetings of the South Carolina Chapter of American Christian Fiction Writers are held monthly (except July & December) on the 4th Saturdays from 2:00 - 5:00 PM at:

  North Anderson Baptist Church  2308 N. Main Street,              Anderson, SC.

Visitors are welcome! Park and come in the side glass door with the long handicap ramp. Take the elevator to the 2nd floor and go left. See signs.

Meetings include a speaker and a free writing class (see below), then a critique session. Visitors are welcome to attend the critique session and offer feedback. After attending one critique session visitors may bring pieces for critique at the next meeting but all manuscripts must follow the Critique Submission Guidelines on another page on this blog.

2017 Chapter Meetings 

May 27, 2017, Speaker Misty Beller
"Three Things You can do NOW to Get Ready for Your Book Launch" --even if you've not finished your first draft! Misty sells thousands of her inspirational historical novels monthly. Come and get this update!

June 24, 2017, Speaker Elva Martin
"Getting Your Novel Published: Fleecy Clouds and Slimy Pits."

 😎  It's a great joy to finally get your novel published. But read my lips: some frustrating things might happen along the way. Here's how to prevent, or to go through, under, or over the problems and keep your sanity.

NO Meeting in July

August 26,2017 - Spkr. Edie Melson - Free Critique of First Pages of Novels" Bring your first page and follow these guidelines for a great critique by Edie and our chapter:

1) One page, double-spaced, Times Roman or similar font, one-inch margins. For this critique, don't skip down 7 lines like you'd normally do for the first page of a ms.  NUMBER the lines. How? In your finished msword doc, click on Page Layout - Line numbers- Continuous. Then print out your copies to bring.

2) In the header put your title/genre, your name and email: Example:
    Spanish Captive/historicalromance/ElvaCobbMartin/  

3) BRING 17 copies (one for Edie, one for you, and for 15 other writers) so everyone will be able to see and offer feedback.

If you can't bring a first page yet, you can still learn LOTS from attending and watching these critiques! We'll have a great learning experience hearing what an editor, agent, or READER might say about our first pages! --and it will help you get ready for ACFW's First Impressions Contest that closes in October. Go to the ACFW national site for more 

September 23, 2017 Spkr. Yvonne Lehman, Free Class:
                "You and Your Characters"
This promises to be a great time with veteran author and speaker Yvonne Lehman who has published almost 60 novels and is a sought after conference and workshop leader. We are blessed to get her down from her Black Mountain home to Anderson. You'll be blessed!

Elva Cobb Martin

For more information about meetings email Elva Cobb Martin, President, at elvacmartin@gmail or call her at 864/226-7024. To learn more about the South Carolina Chapter of ACFW, check out other pages on this chapter blog. To learn more about the national organization see

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